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Chateau Canon

Chateau Canon, Fine Wine Investments, Bordeaux Wine

Named after Jacques Kanon who purchased the estate in 1760, Chateau Canon has since changed hands many times and as of 1996 has been under the control of the luxury retailer, Chanel. With this move came a change in attitude, whereby no expense was to be spared in order to produce the best wines possible. As well as renovating the damaged vines, collapsing caves and outdated facilities, Chanel also employed the extremely skillful Nicolas Audebert to manage Chateau Canon and Thomas Duclos as their consultant.  


Touted as a wine for consumers with patience, buyers are expected to wait at the very least, 10-15 years before opening. This clearly shows the long term investment potential of Chateau Canon and given that the 2015 vintage was regarded as the best wine in their already illustrious history, every investor should look to have this in their portfolio.



The performance of recent vintages of Chateau Canon

All values taken from Liv-Ex, with data correct on 31/08/17

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