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Chateau Cheval Blanc

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With the land originally belonging to the Chateau Figeac estate, the Ducasse family purchased this plot in 1838 and laid the foundations for Cheval Blanc to become one of the truly great Bordeaux estates. The twentieth century saw Cheval Blanc produce what many critics consider, the best Bordeaux wines of all time, notably the 1929 and 1947 vintages. Since being sold to LVMH in 2009, they have not rested on their laurels, with renovations giving birth to their stunning new facilities and making it the most modern in St.Emilion.


Cheval Blanc's unique method of harvest adds to the complexity and freshness of the wine. Instead of waiting for each parcel to achieve absolute ripeness, they pick fruits of different levels of ripeness. Through a complex process of blending, they are then able to produce a wine that is rich, complex and decadent.  












The performance of recent vintages of Chateau Cheval Blanc

All values taken from Liv-Ex, with data correct on 23/08/17

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