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Chateau Lynch Bages

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Chateau Lynch Bages is historically significant in the Bordeaux region and has been producing quality wine since the beginning of the seventeenth century. Ever since it's been under the ownership of the Cazes family, they have strived and succeeded in making Lynch Bages one of the top investment grade wines in the world. One could even argue in the solar system, given their 1975 vintage was the first bottle to be taken into outer space. 


With the highly acclaimed critic Neal Martin scoring the 2016 vintage an enviable 97-99 points, one can expect even greater things from the chateau in years to come. We have seen extremely strong and consistent growth from all recent vintages over the last couple of years, and recommend to all fine wine investors that they have a case or two of Lynch Bages in their portfolio. 

The performance of recent vintages of Lynch Bages

All values are taken from Liv-Ex, with data correct on 08/08/17

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