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Chateau Pavie

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The soils of Chateau Pavie first cultivated vines during the occupancy of the Romans, although its rise to fame has only occurred in more recent times. Since Gerard Perse purchased the Chateau in 1998, the level of investment in the vines and also the facilities has been substantial, allowing for Pavie to catch up with those leading the pack. As recently as 2011, Chateau Pavie once again began a complete renovation of the wine making facilities, making their cellars one of the most modern in all of Bordeaux. 


Much of Pavie's complexity is down to the variance in terroir throughout the 37-hectare estate. Atop the plateau, you'll find deep, rich, clay soil. Moving further down the slopes the proportion of limestone, sand and gravel increases. Each parcel effectively has its own micro-climate, allowing Perse to combine all the notes into a delightful wine. 








The performance of recent vintages of Chateau Pavie

All values taken from Liv-Ex, with data correct on 22/08/17

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