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Forts de Latour 2010 released ex-Chateau

Forts Latour

It was a great start to the week for wine investors, with the announcement of the superb 2015 Yquem, but the excellent news continued with the ex-Chateau release of the Forts de Latour 2010. Whilst Forts de Latour is, by definition, the "Second Wine" of Chateau Latour, this couldn't be further from the truth given the outstanding quality from the dedicated vines. This wine should be treated as a separate entity, competing against the top growth wines.

The wine has been released at €175 per bottle ex-negociant, an increase of 6.2% from initial 2011 en primeur release price of €162. Some 2,000 cases have been released and the wine is being offered by international wine merchants at around £2,100 per 12x75.

With an 8.7% discount on the ex-London opening price of £2,300 in 2011, there is a premium of 16.2% on the current market price of £1,850. This is common with ex-Chateau releases, given its guarantee of the provenance for the wine. Whilst this may seem high, the ex-chateau premium has actually fallen from 20.9% in March 2016, to 17.9% in March 2017 for Forts Latour 2011.

We certainly think Forts Latour is an investment grade wine, with the 5 previous vintage recording an average growth of 45% over the past 2 years. If you are interested in purchasing a case, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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