En Primeur Week 2018 - Day 3

Tuesday morning. Our team, minds focussed on another long day of tasting ahead thanks to some early-morning caffeine, travelled the relatively short journey from the centre of Bordeaux to Château La Mission Haut Brion to taste the Clarence Dillon stable of Fine Wines. I am so used to our travelling the long journey to the Medoc or across the river into the heart of Saint Emilion that when Esme declared 'this is it, La Mission', I half wondered if he was joking. It is practically inside the city, has a TGV line running right alongside and building sites across the road: it couldn't be more of a juxtaposition to the rolling hills around, say, Château Lafite Rothschild. However, as always the proof is in the drinking and Haut Brion & La Mission have consistently made some of the finest wines in Bordeaux.

Apparently the ambient temperature at these sites can be up to three degrees Celsius higher than in the rest of the region, thanks to the built up nature of the surrounding neighbourhood. No danger of frost being a mischief-maker here, then. As you enter La Mission you are transported away, almost instantaneously, from the surrounding city hubbub. There was a sense of calm and serenity as we waited in the quad to taste the wines. Worth another couple of pictures, I think: